About the Hosts


Troy currently lives in Kentucky with his wife Krista. They have 2 sons, 2 daughters a granddaughter and a grandson.
Troy grew up in a conservative Christian home and accepted Christ as his savior at an early age. Troy’s Christian walk during his college and young adult years was not as God honoring as he wishes. After much conviction from the Holy Spirit, Troy repented from his rebellion and acknowledged Christ as his Lord and Savior.
Troy was blessed to be taught how to shoot by both of his grandfathers. Troy has had a lifelong interest in firearms for hunting, varmint hunting, sport, recreation, hobby, and self preservation.
Troy received his degree in Business Management from the University of Kentucky. Troy is now a Firearms Instructor and helps his wife Home school their children teaching History, Bible, Math and Economics. He enjoys the great outdoors, beginning as a hunter and rifle enthusiast, Troy enjoys participating in rifle marksmanship courses and events, and defensive pistol shooting. For several years he was a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. Troy is a licensed Kentucky Conceal Carry Deadly Weapons Instructor. He also is a Revere’s Rider Rifle Instructor. Troy is currently serving as the Church Safety Team Leader, Assistant Youth Leader at his Church, serves on his church’s Mission Team, and as a Church Trustee. Troy has been daily carrying concealed since 1989. To know learn more about Troy just give the podcast a listen.




Doug currently lives in Georgia with is wife Wendy. They have 4 kids, one son (Andrew ) and triplet daughters (Taylor, Tiffany and Tara). They have two grand children (Alec and Zoey).
Doug was born and raised in Kentucky. Growing up in a Christian home, his mother was the church secretary and his dad was a Deacon in their church.
Doug accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 9. After graduating from high school Doug join the Air Force and spent the next 20 years serving the country. After he retired he decided to make his home in Georgia. Doug now works for the local hospital as the Manager over System Support.
Doug is an avid outdoors man. His passions is hunting and fishing but truly loves bow hunting and duck hunting. He also enjoys collecting and shooting all types of weapons. He is a Conservative and 2nd Amendment supporter and routinely takes beginner shooters to the range, hoping they will enjoy the experience and continue on.
To find out more about Doug tune into God and Guns Podcast.